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  • ICBC: Motor vehicle accident

    If you have been injured in a motor vehicle accident involving a vehicle registered and insured in BC you will have coverage for physiotherapy treatment through ICBC.

  • WCB: workplace injuries

    If you have hurt yourself at work, we can help you with your recovery and get you back to work more quickly.

  • Private: extended health plan

    Physiotherapy services are covered by most health care plans; most pay 80-100% of the fees.
    In most circumstances, we can bill your insurance company on your behalf, so there is minimal out of pocket fees.

  • MSP: Low income and senior clients

    If you receive premium assistance through MSP then your physiotherapy will most likely be covered, for a small user fee. Many seniors are also covered for physiotherapy through MSP.

Welcome To Sunstone,The Pain and Injury specialist!!

At Sunstone physiotherapy clinic, we utilize the most appropriate and up to date techniques including mobilisation, manipulation, soft-tissue massage, trigger point therapy and stretching. This is coupled with guided specific rehabilitation to educate, retrain, activate and strengthen the particular areas of your body to help alleviate your symptoms, achieve your identified goals and prevent future injury recurrence. This focus is evident from how we designed our clinic, to our modern equipment, and to the effective hands-on approach of our therapists.

Our experienced physiotherapist provides 45 to 60 min. for your initial appointment. This enables thorough assessment of your injury via specific testing of your injury site as well as holistic movement based tests. A diagnosis is given during the initial appointment with detailed explanation of your symptoms as well as the underlying cause of your problem.