Dry Needling / IMS


Dry Needling / IMS


Dry needling is used to release knots or trigger points, increase circulation and trigger the body to release endorphins and opioids. The benefits promote healing and enable your muscles to relax during treatment.

Proper dry needling of a myofascial trigger point will elicit a local twitch response (LTR), which is an involuntary spinal cord reflex in which the muscle fibers in the taut band of muscle contract. The LTR indicates the proper placement of the needle in a trigger point. Dry needling that elicits LTRs improves treatment outcomes, and may work by activating endogenous opioids - the bodies natural pain-reliever. Inserting the needle can itself may cause pain, although when done by well-trained practitioners that is not a common occurrence.

Common conditions that can be treated with Dry Needling: