Women Health Issue


Women Health issue


We have experience in managing the issues surrounding pregnancy, child birth, and being a new mother. We are experienced in ante natal care, post natal treatment for back pain pelvic pain, and the treatment of many other conditions that are common during or following pregnancy. These include back pain, neck pain, upper back pain, continence problems, De Quervains syndrome, and carpal tunnel.

Pelvic pain and lower back pain are common occurrences following child birth. The stress and strain of child birth, regardless of the form of delivery, has a significant impact on the tone and control of the abdominal wall and pelvic floor. Added to this, the new mum has enormous new demands on her, including nursing, lifting, changing, and carrying the new bundle of joy. It is not surprising the body often suffers. We know that specific correction of muscle weakness, manual therapy to improve restriction of the low back and pelvic joints, and restoring posture can lead to a quick recovery of post-partum problems.